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MathsoMania is an after school Maths and English program which aims at providing a rock hard foundation set up for your Kid. Our program consists of 4 parts: Maths School Syllabus, Mental Maths, Reasoning Skills and English.
MathsoMania program has been developed by the highly experienced teachers and the alumni of IIT, IIM, Cambridge, Harvard and Wharton.
We seek to convey unrest to the way maths is taught and thus enhancing it by pushing the outskirts in learning science.
Our program consists of two teaching modes:
1. Home Tuition at your place by a MathsoMania teacher
2. Group Tuition at one of your nearby MathsoMania Center run by women’s.
MathsoMania program are divided into two parts:
1. Maths and Reading: The classes will be of 3 days in a week of 60 minutes session each.
2. Maths and Reading plus Other Subjects: The classes will be of 5 days in a week of 1 hour 15 minutes session each.
The MathsoMania program curriculum follows some of the world's best Maths educational modules. To name some, The Singapore Math Curriculum, CBSE, ICSE, NCTM - USA (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, California), The Dutch Mathematical Standards and India (NCERT).
The MathsoMania Program is an advanced and innovative learning program. We are an after school maths and reading program. While home-based tuitions focus primarily on the school syllabus (or syllabi) and preparing students for their tests and exams, MathsoMania concentrates on building a solid math establishment from a youthful age by creating and fortifying a kid's different speculation aptitudes like theoretical intuition abilities, coherent, visual and basic deduction abilities and building a solid applied comprehension.
The concentration of projects like Abacus, Vedic Math is Arithmetic and computation. As things stand, these projects are planned less to test a youngster's complete numerical capacity than to show him to figure out how to ascertain rapidly. While equipped for yielding gratifyingly speedy outcomes, such activities have demonstrated to have little effect over the long haul.
Out teachers are well educated. We do a very rigorous check on our teacher’s education and teaching capabilities before inducting them into our program.
MathsoMania teachers are interviewed first and trained by our experts who imbibe essential teaching skills among them.
Yes. We have 5 days session of 1 hour 15 minutes each in a week which is further divided into 3 parts :
a) 30 minutes maths session
b) 15 minutes reading session
c) 30 minutes other school subjects session covering school home work.
Yes, parents will be given access to a dedicated login panel wherein they will be able to track their child real time progress. Moreover, you will get regular emails and SMS at the end of each week.
Yes, your teacher will conduct two kinds of assessments: Planned and no planned. Parents will be informed for both the tests schedule in advance via SMS and emails or by logging directly to their dashboard. Planned assessments will be known to the child in advance. However, there will be surprise tests that are unplanned and also not known to the child in advance.
Parents will be able to check the assessments scores by logging in their dashboard and will also be able to download the answer papers.
The program caters to children from age 4 to 14 years which is from kindergarten to the 8th Grade.
Simply click here to enroll your child and provide us some information and we will get back to you in 24 hours.
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