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Home Tuitions have become an integral part of today kid’s study life. Parents are willing to pay huge sums of money to the home tutors in the form of fee. There are Tuition Bureaus mushrooming in every nook and corner of the streets. But we at MathsoMania are bound to ask you some of the basic questions:

  • Are traditional home tuitions really working?
  • Is your child excelling in his or her class?
  • Are home tuitions directly impacting the class performance of your child?
  • Are there any parent’s involvement in home tuitions?
If your answer is a big NO. MathsoMania is going to do wonders for your child. Benefits of MathsoMania home tuitions:

MathsoMania Home Tutors: Our teachers are well educated. We do a very rigorous check on our teacher’s education and teaching capabilities before inducting them into our program. MathsoMania home tutors teachers are interviewed first and trained by our experts who imbibe essential teaching skills among them.

Dedicated Attention: Our home tutors pay dedicated attention to your kid thus ensuring he gets all the care he deserves.

Teaching Styles: Our home tutors are trained to help build confidence in your child and thus speed up there learning the process. The child feels more confident and fluent.

Parents Involvement: Parents will have access to their dedicated login panel wherein they will be able to check their child progress on a real time basis. They will be able to raise tickets and will get a reply from MathsoMania within 24 working hours.

We conduct two kinds of assessments: Planned and no planned. Parents will be informed of both the tests scheduled in advance via SMS and emails or by logging directly into their dashboard. Planned assessments will be known to the child in advance. However, there will be surprise tests that are unplanned and also not known to the child in advance.

Enhanced Performance: We have got unlimited worksheets thus giving your kids an opportunity to practice more and more and to a greater extent. The tutor will be able to answer their queries and correct their mistakes.

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