Mathsomania Little Champ Maths Scholarship

Scholarships for class Ist to XIIth every month
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Scholarships are distributed to a total of 312 students each month.
We distribute a total of 308 scholarships each month
Eight scholarships worth 5,000 INR are given to the topper of each class from Ist to VIIIth every month
10% fee waiver for a total of 100 students each month
5% fee waiver for a total of 200 students each month
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Encouragement is the best source of motivation which positively reflects on one’s life. We at Mathsomania realise the importance of encouragement. Mathsomania Little Champ Maths Scholarship is our effort to provide encouragement and motivation through scholarships to the best, hard working and top students. Rs. 1 Lakhs worth scholarship are given to 312 deserving students every month.

By providing such scholarships, we have visibly seen improvement in students’ performance. When children get a scholarship, it boosts their confidence and helps them acquire a sense of accomplishment, which then leads to a boost in their energy levels and performances. To mention a few examples,Kiran, our student, completely studied with our scholarships. She feels that Mathsomania was the reason behind her successful examination scores and becoming a star in her school. Raj, another student, received several tuition fee waivers. He scored brilliantly in his exams and is now on his way to become a professional Mathematician. He has sincerely expressed his gratitude to Mathsomania for having inspired him to take up a challenging, yet bold profession.

These are just few of the stories of our kids. Several new stories are yet to be written and unachievable targets yet to be reached. That person who is going to break the records in examinations, could be your child. Your child is undoubtedly entitled to a superior and brilliant career and future, just by joining Mathsomania. This is because, we at Mathsomania expend every single ounce of our efforts to make the child’s Mathematics and future excellent, achievable and realistic.

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